Diploma in Computational Fluid Dynamics

What will I study?

Diploma in Computational Fluid Dynamics with Internship is a 1-year long program. This program can be broadly classified into four sections:

  • Mathematical Foundation of CFD

  • Basic CFD using OpenFOAM

  • Develop OCTAVE/MATLAB Code to solve CFD problem.

  • Programming/Advanced CFD OpenFOAM

Course Outline


Mathematical Foundation of CFD

In this section, you will learn about the Basic Theory of Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD).

  • Why CFD?

  • Basic Governing Equations of CFD

  • Mathematical Behaviour of Partial Differential Equations: The Impact on CFD

  • Basic Aspects of Discretization

  • CFD Solution Methods: Finite Difference Method, Finite Element Method and Finite Volume Method

  • Classification of Flows

  • Meshing, Quality Checking Tools & Parameters

  • Turbulence Modelling

  • Heat Transfer


Basic CFD using OpenFOAM

In this section, You will learn how to use OpenFOAM to solve problems in following areas:

  • Laminar Incompressible flow

  • Turbulent Incompressible flow

  • Heat Transfer

  • Compressible flow


Develop OCTAVE/MATLAB Code to solve CFD Problem

Develop Matlab/Octave Code to solve below CFD Problems:

  • Heat Conduction

  • Flow between Parallel Plates

  • CFD Code Validation: Backward Facing Step Flow

  • Flow over Flat Plate

  • Flow over Cylinder

  • Coupled Flow and Heat Transfer CFD code


Programming/Advanced CFD using OpenFOAM

  • SnappyHexMesh

  • C++ programming/Solver Code Development (or) External Aerodynamics and Rotating Machinery using OpenFOAM You will complete below CFD projects in this Advanced CFD Course using OpenFOAM such as

    • CFD simulation of Flow over a F1 Car
    • CFD simulation of Radial Compressor etc.,

  • Post-processing function objects such as Streamlines, Residual plots etc.,

Course Completion Certificate after Assessment
The course is suitable for final year of bachelor’s in mechanical and its allied Engineering students, passed outs, post graduates, teaching faculty and industrialists.
Method of study: Trainer led with practical demonstrations and exercises. 100% assured placement assistance after successful completion of course.
Yes, you will be offered placement and resume building assistance. With industry partners on-board, we guarantee 100% Job Assistance you need to secure a job.
1 Year Internship in FutureCAE Technologies Private Limited.
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