Basic Course on Computational Fluid Dynamics using OpenFOAM

3 days, 7 hours per day, Classroom Training/Virtual Live Class

What will I study?

This is a basic course on Computational Fluid Dynamics using OpenFOAM. OpenFOAM is the open source CFD software that is widely used for analysing fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and chemical reactions related physical phenomena. This basic course on CFD will provide a solid background for the participant to apply CFD methods for design and analysis in engineering applications of incompressible flow, heat transfer and rotating machinery related problems.

Course Outline



  • Engineering problem solving approach

  • Numerical methods

  • Introduction to CFD

  • Software based CFD


Laminar Incompressible Flow

  • Shear Driven Cavity

  • Pipe Flow

  • Flow over Flat Plate

  • Flow over Cylinder

  • Flow in Elbow


Turbulent Incompressible Flow

  • Pipe Flow

  • Flow over Cylinder

  • Mixing Diffuser

  • Backward Facing Step Flow


Heat Transfer

  • Cavity

  • Flange

  • Coffee Cup

  • Flow Over a Hot Plate

  • Indoor Air Flow and Heat Transfer


External Aerodynamics

  • Generic Car Model

  • Flow Over Motor Bike


Rotating Machinery

  • Mixer

  • Rotor

  • Stirrer

Course Completion Certificate after Assessment
The course is suitable for 3rdand 4thyear of bachelor’s in mechanical and its allied Engineering students, passed outs, post graduates, teaching faculty and industrialists.
Method of study: Trainer led with practical demonstrations and exercises.
You can repeat the course up to 2 times within a year period from the day of first attending the course. Call: 09176633015/07341047304or email us at
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