Introduction to C++ Programming for Non C Programmer

What will I study?

This is an introduction to C++ programming using Microsoft VC++ Express Edition who doesn’t have any programming experience.

At the end of the course attendees should differentiate between Procedural Language and Object Oriented Language also be confident in understanding C++ applications and develop application using C++.

Course Outline


Course Outline

Introduction to C Programming

Data Types, Operators and Expression

Program Flow Control


Pointers and Arrays


Basic of Input and Output

Object Oriented Programming using C++

Introduction to C++

Classes and Objects






Runtime Type Identification

Standard Template Review

Advanced Topics

Course Completion Certificate after Assessment
The course is also suitable for recent engineering and computer science graduates who like to develop C++ project or career in Object Oriented Technologies.
Method of study: Trainer led with practical demonstrations and exercises.
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You can repeat the course upto 2 times within a year period from the day of first attending the course. Call: UK:+44(0)7341047304 and India: +91-9176633055 or email us
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